How to choose pliers

Pliers are hand tools used to clamp and fix processed workpieces or twist, bend, or cut metal wires. The shape of the pliers is V-shaped and usually includes three parts: the handle, the jaw and the mouth of the pliers. There are many types of pliers, and it has a wide range of uses. It is an indispensable hand tool for pinching and cutting workpieces in various industries such as assembly, repair and installation. But it has a common basic structure, that is, any hand pliers is composed of three parts: pliers head, pin and pliers handle. The basic principle of the pliers is to use two levers at a point in the middle to be cross-connected with a pin so that the two ends can be relatively movable. As long as the tail end is operated by hand, the other end can pinch the object. In order to reduce the force used by the user during operation, according to the mechanical lever principle, the pliers handle is usually made longer than the pliers head, so that a stronger clamping force can be obtained with a smaller force to meet the requirements of use.

Pliers have a wide range of uses. Pliers are very important for woodworkers and plumbers. If they are not good, they will greatly affect work efficiency. 1. If the pliers are not easy to use, work efficiency will be affected, and the mood of work will decrease, and the quality of work will be reduced. 2 If the pliers are not good for work, it will be very laborious, which will lead to negative emotions of the workers. 3. If the pliers are not easy to use when working at heights, it will cause safety hazards and so on.