Telecommunications group batch (chrome vanadium steel)

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Telecommunications group batch (chrome vanadium steel)

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The rod is made of high-quality chromium-vanadium steel and is heat-treated as a whole

Suitable for repairing clocks, watches, computers, mobile phones, etc.

Product Description

F28-120133 in 125/100
F28-120258 in 120/60
F28-120423 in 120/60
F28-100131 pieces20/120
F28-120353 in 120/60
F28-120545 in 120
F28-100232 pieces25/100
F28-301118 pieces6/48
F28-301222 pieces6/48
F28-301338 pieces6/48
F28-302121 pieces6/24
F28-302224 pieces6/24
F28-302326 pieces6/24

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