Solder wire

Solder wire

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Made of high-purity lead-tin alloy. The flux content is 2%, no cleaning, and the solder joints are reliable and clean.

Beautiful appearance, less residue during welding, less corrosiveness and rapid melting

Product Description

F63-2101A0.8mm 250g20/60
F63-2101B1.0mm 250g20/60
F63-2101C1.2mm 250g20/60
F63-2102A0.8mm 400g10/60
F63-2102B1.0mm 400g10/60
F63-2102C1.2mm 400g10/60
F63-2103A0.8mm 800g10/40
F63-2103B1.0mm 800g10/40
F63-2103C1.2mm 800g10/40

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