Pointed ratchet wrench (chrome vanadium steel)

Pointed ratchet wrench (chrome vanadium steel)

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The whole is made of CR-V6140 chrome vanadium steel precision forging, unique black electrophoresis treatment, beautiful and durable

Special industrial strong torque design, suitable for heavy operations.

It has the function of fast falling off and imprisoning the nut. Convenient and fast.

Two-way adjustment of the direction block, quick adjustment and convenient use.

Product Description

F16-D116A 12- 14mm2/40
F16-D116B14- 1 7mm2/40
F16 -D116C17- 19mm2140
F16-D116D19- 22mm2/40
F16-D116E22- 24mm2/32
F16- D116F24- 27mm2/32
F16-D116G27- 30mm2/32
F16-D116H30- 32mm2/32

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