HS type chain hoist

HS type chain hoist

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The chain hoist is a kind of manual hoisting machinery that is easy to try, has a wide range of uses, and is easy to carry.

Factory, mine. Production and construction of agriculture, electricity, and buildings. Machine installation in docks, docks, warehouses,

Cargo lifting, vehicle loading and unloading, especially suitable for open air and no power supply operations.

The products are produced in accordance with international standards, using asymmetrical arrangement of two-stage gear transmission structure, and the design is reasonable.

Research, advanced structure, beautiful appearance, small size, light weight, small hand pull force, high mechanical strength. toughness, Large, safe to use. Long-lasting use.

Regardless of the shell, the hook and the sprocket, the best materials are used, and the chain will never be connected.

The safety is extremely high, and it will definitely give you the confidence to choose.

High-hard alloy steel lifting chain, pulley device needle column bearing, bottom device plane pressure bearing (below 10 tons)

The surface of the high-hard alloy chain is electroplated, blackened and treated, and will not be embroidered. .

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F30- 0075B2TX3m1
F30 -0075H5TX5m1
F30 -0075 I10T X5m1
F30 -0075 J10T X8m1

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