High-grade rubberized automatic steel tape measure

High-grade rubberized automatic steel tape measure

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The appearance is based on European style, streamlined design, beautiful appearance and novel style.

The rubber sleeve is made of PVC material. It can protect the ruler shell well, prevent slippage, reduce impact, and enhance the ability to resist holding.

The ruler shell is made of ABS environmental protection material, ergonomic design, comfortable grip, and the automatic button at the bottom is more convenient to use.

The spring is made of 65-strength steel, with a gentle elasticity, and its life span is three times that of ordinary ruler springs.

The material of the ruler is 54 steel, and all the scales are printed with imported environmentally friendly ink, which is clear and environmentally friendly.

Product Description

F42-0090C5 0mmX25rmm12/120
F42 -0090E7.5mmX25rmm6/72

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