Carbide circular saw blade

Carbide circular saw blade

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Carbide circular saw blade

It has the characteristics of high precision, long life, and fast cutting speed.

The cutting edge adopts double relief angle processing, which has a stronger positioning ability.

Product Description

ModelSizeNumber of teethPackage/PcS
F35-201A4"/ 110mm3020/200
F35-201B4"/ 110rmm4020/200
F35-201C7"/ 180mm4050
F35-201E9"/ 230mm4030
F35-201 F9"/ 230mm6030
F35-201G10" /250mm6020
F35-201H10" /250mm8020
F35-201I12" /300mm6015
F35-22904" /110mm30100
F35-22904" /110mm40100
F35-22906" /150mm4050
F35-22906" /150mm6050
F35-22907" /180mm4050
F35-22907" /180mm6050
F35-22908" /200mm4030
F35-22908" /200mm6030
F35-22909" /230mm4020
F35-22909" /230mm6020
F35-22909" /230mm8020
F35-22909" /230mm10020
F35-229010" /250mm4020
F35-229010" /250mrm6020
F35-229010" /250mm8020
F35-229010"/ 250mm10020
F35-229010" /250mm12020
F35-229012"/ 300mm4020
F35-229012" /300mm6020
F35-229012"/ 300mm8020
F35-229012" /300mm10020
F35-229012"/ 300mm12020
F35-229014" /350mm4010
F35-229014" /350mm6010
F35-229014" /350mm8010
F35-229014" /350mm10010
F35-229014" /350mm12010
F35-229016" /400mm4010
F35-229016" /400mm6010
F35-229016" /400mm8010
F35-229016" /400mm10010
F35-229016" /400mm12010
F35 -2024"/ 110mm4020/200

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