1/2″ sleeve

1/2″ sleeve

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Forged with 50BV30 chrome vanadium steel, it is strong and durable.

The special arc inner angle design increases the torque by 30%.

It can effectively reduce the wear of the nut’s sharp corners. In operation, it does not slip, and it is safer and more reliable.

Matte surface, sandblasting, two-color roller belt treatment, anti-rust and wear-resistant.

Product Description

F18- 1088A8mm12/240
F18- 1088B9mm12/240
F18- 1088C10mm12/240
F18- 1088D11mm12/240
F18- 1088E12mm12/240
F18- 1088F13mm12/240
F18- 1088G14mm12/240
F18- 1088H15mm12/240
F18- 1088 I16mm12/240
F18 -1088J17mm12/240
F18- 1088K18mm12/240
F18- 1088L19mm12/180
F18- 1088M20mm12/180
F18- 1088N21mm12/180
F18- 1088O22mm12/180
F18- 1088P23mm12/180
F18- 1088Q24mm12/180
F18- 1088R25mm12/180
F18- 1088S26mm12/180
F18- 1088T27mm12/120
F18- 1088U28mm12/120
F18- 1088V29mm12/120
F18- 1088W30mm10/100
F18- 1088X32mm10/100

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