How to pick cutter/scissors

First of all, you have to be clear about the purpose of your purchase of scissors. Generally, we purchase household scissors and hairdressing scissors. These two types of scissors are divided into several sub-categories. Purchasing the correct use of scissors can reduce a lot of unnecessary trouble.

Modern household scissors are generally made of stainless steel and carbon tool steel. Scissors made of these materials are cheap and easy to damage and meet general purposes. Better ones are made of vanadium iron. The best material in hairdressing is 440c, which is expensive but sharp and durable.

How to choose a good pair of scissors
Scissors choose big brands to buy will be more durable

A good blade steel must have a certain carbon content, high density, and good toughness. Therefore, most of the good steels will give off a very blue gloss after polishing. Pure iron or ordinary stainless steel will give off some white gloss. You can do it in terms of workmanship. It can be seen from the appearance of the scissors and the subtle places such as the screw connection

How to choose a good pair of scissors
Good scissors have no sound, and good or bad scissors have nothing to do with the generality and severity. Everyone’s finger joints are different, so buy the type that feels good

How to choose a good pair of scissors
The sharpness of the cutting edge and the bite of the scissors. Cut some soft things (such as cotton thread, plastic wrap, water-sprayed facial tissues, etc.) to avoid the phenomenon of threading. Please ask the merchant if you can try it first.